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hi! i’m zooey (they/them), a mixed-Korean queer and trans artist making zines, costumes, jewelry, and other handmade objects. as a self-taught and community-taught artist, my multidisciplinary practice is broad and eclectic, drawing on skills in illustration, fiber arts, printmaking, tattooing, writing, and research. my work centers queer Asian American experiences and explores what it means to build home and belonging from a marginalized identity. here is my cv. 

i live and work in my hometown of Providence, RI. i’m a studio member at the Binch Press/Queer.Archive.Work shared studio, on the organizing team for the Queer + Trans Zine Fest in Providence, and an organizer with QTMA, a mutual aid fund for queer and trans Rhode Islanders. outside of these practices, i can most often be found eating tinned fish or reading comics with my dog.

rat church is two things: a phrase i think is funny, and an invitation to honor the marginalized and forgotten. vermin belong here, too.

you can email me for custom work below, or click here to buy my work or give to my ko-fi.

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